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Effectively schedule and manage pick-up/drop-off, real-time vehicle tracking, and automate tasks for increased productivity.

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Transforming Office  Commutes

At Falcon AVL, we recognize the unique challenges companies face in managing employee transportation. This drives us to deliver tailored solutions to meet your precise requirements.

  • We streamline transportation by integrating technology, fleet management, and personnel into a comprehensive solution.
  • Our SaaS platform, harnesses intelligent technology to identify and address risks, ensure compliance, and enhance employee experience.
  • We excel in enhancing employee transportation for teams of all sizes
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Route Optimization

Our software automates vehicle routing for efficiency and safety, with a drag-and-drop route editing feature.


Compliance Management

Store and manage license, police verification, pollution check, and insurance details with automated compliance alerts.


GPS Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking with trip status updates through a user-friendly dashboard.



Tailored solutions and third-party API integrations to meet unique needs effectively.


IVR System

Confirm pickups and drop-offs securely while protecting employee contact information.



Comprehensive billing features with real-time audit trails for operational efficiency.

Smart transportation solutions for efficient management of employee commute
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"FalconAVL has helped reduce the amount of manual intervention and increase our operational efficiently. Additionally, their TMS has been integrated seamlessly with our existing system".

Facility Management & Operation Advisor@Dell

“FalconAVL tool has made our transport management an easy one point interface which handles the complete process end to end. Their policy of free customization for perfectly fitting our internal needs is commendable. Best wishes..."

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